7 Amazing Benefits Of Dental Implants

7 Amazing Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dec 01, 2020

Dental implants belong to a new wave of teeth restoration processes that are more durable and long-lasting compared to other removable teeth-replacement options. Read on to find out about the benefits of dental implants procedures.

Tooth Replacement Through The Years

Tooth replacement has seen massive innovations over the years. History reveals that the 7th century B.C. was the era when dentures were first invented. Yet it was not until the 1700s to the 1800s that they re-emerged and were fashioned into how what they appear today.

Presently, denture implants are the dental breakthrough in ensuring that teeth replacement is accomplished with a much more natural “aesthetic” and finish, and longevity.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are surgical components positioned along the jawbone. They are affixed permanently and replace teeth from the root up. These “artificial tooth roots” serve as orthodontic anchors for a crown, a bridge, or similar dental restoration materials.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

1. More Natural-Looking

In this tooth implant method, implants are designed and shaped not only to fit tooth gaps. They are also tinted to match the surrounding teeth colour. That way, they blend in with the rest of your natural teeth perfectly.

2. Easy To Maintain

It is understandable how maintaining removable dentures is a hassle. You have to remove them every time your brush your teeth, only to put them back on again afterwards. Well, you can avoid this annoying cycle with a full mouth of dental implants.

These implant fittings are bonded to dental prosthetics and are then fused to your jaws permanently. No need to remove them when brushing your teeth.

3. Comfortable Speech

One problem that people face with removable dental fixtures is that they impede proper speech. Their size, fitting, and material thickness all play a part in causing disruption in the way air and sound pass through. Altogether, these lead to speech difficulties such as lisping and slurring.

Since mini dental implants are direct replacements of teeth and are secured to your bones, you will less likely experience any speech impediment. At the same time, your dentist can always reshape implants to suitably fit your jawline and further provide ease whenever you speak.

4. Better Bite Force

Another advantage of denture implants is that they function like real teeth. This is because they are mounted on your jawline with titanium posts. You can chew with an excellent bite force, and without causing discomfort to your gums.

5. Oral Health

Natural teeth are vulnerable to bacteria. When not looked after, they succumb to cavities. But did you know that dental implants in Berlin and Cromwell, CT do NOT decay? They are made of artificial components which bacteria and other microorganisms are not able to break down.

That is not to say that you can forgo brushing and flossing altogether! Think about your oral health for the sake of your remaining real teeth, as well as your gums.

6. Facial Structure Support

There are patients who often complain about how removable dental fixtures slightly modify their facial structures. This has to do with the incorrect alignment of the maxilla and the mandible (the upper and lower jaws).

On the other hand, implants are quite customizable. Much like the way your dentist can reshape these orthodontic anchors to fill in gaps in form, size, and tint, the same can be applied in modifying them so as not to change your facial structure.

7. Prevents Loss Of Bone Mass

Frequently, losing teeth may equate to losing bone mass. Another term for this condition is “low bone density”. In time, and if left untreated, low bone density can worsen and eventually bring about bone deterioration.

Although severe bone loss such as Periodontitis is irreversible, most cases can be halted through early detection. One of the solutions is with the use of artificial tooth roots.

Tooth replacement can activate the jaw bone to retain its mass by means of osseointegration. Osseointegration is the general process that fuses and stabilizes implants into your bones and stimulates said jaw bone into regeneration.

In other words, it will set off a self-healing process for bone density rebuilding.

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