Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Apr 01, 2021

What do you do when you have one or several missing teeth, either from infections, injuries, or extractions? You have a couple of options before you. You can ignore the missing teeth thinking it is a natural process or consider replacing them by realizing what you are missing with your lost teeth. If you prepare yourself for the latter, we suggest you start researching dental implants near you right away because they are the best solution currently available to stimulate the appearance and functionality of your natural teeth.

You may think getting replacements for the missing teeth involves dental visits that you dislike. However, after reading this blog, we are confident you will rush to the dentist in Berlin and Cromwell, CT, to inquire about the dental implant procedure. This blog will make you believe you cannot live without your teeth because many other problems soon befall you affecting your overall health.

What Are the Implications of a Missing Tooth or Teeth?

After you lose a tooth or teeth, several things start happening simultaneously that you don’t notice immediately. However, the consequences of the problems can impact your overall health and appearance adversely.

The tooth roots you lost with your teeth help hold your teeth in place. However, they are also critical to maintaining the health of the surrounding gums and supporting bone structure. Bone resorption is a significant problem occurring naturally after tooth or teeth loss. Bone loss compromises the integrity of the adjacent tooth roots and the stability of your remaining natural teeth. It also results in a sagging appearance familiar in people who have lost all or several teeth from their mouths. It is why many people prefer to wear dentures until they realize these dental prosthetics are challenging to fit and keep in place over time.

You can comfortably avoid all the above by visiting dental implants in Berlin and Cromwell, CT, requesting full mouth dental implants or even a single implant as a replacement for the missing tooth or teeth.

Will Dental Implants Help Resolve the Problems Described above?

Dental implant placement not only helps resolve all the problems described earlier but provides incredible benefits. Implants leave you surprised, thinking you decided wisely when you contacted advanced dental to have them surgically place dental implants in your jawbone.

The dental implant procedure itself may have surprised you when you initially expressed your inability to undergo the invasive process. The Berlin and Cromwell dentists suggest you have mini dental implants as equally effective replacements for your missing teeth.

Dental implants after surgical insertion into your jawbone integrate with the bone to function as artificial tooth roots. The implanted titanium post remains above the gum line on which your artificial tooth or teeth are placed eventually. Implant placement requires between three to nine months for healing in a process called osseointegration which by itself is beneficial because it prevents bone resorption.

After you have the missing teeth replaced with artificial dental crowns on top of the implants, you can begin eating, speaking, chewing, and smiling like you did when you had your natural teeth. Concerns of tooth decay and cavities no longer bother you because artificial teeth are resistant to both.

The benefits of dental implants shouldn’t make you assume you can overlook dental hygiene because the artificial teeth are resistant to decay and cavities. You must not let down your guard because your mouth is still a breeding ground for millions of bacteria continually working hard to create some complications. Neglect dental hygiene, and you soon become prone to issues like periodontal disease weakening your jawbone. It is incredibly essential for you to remember the implants were fixed into your jawbone when it was intense and durable. Allowing it to weaken from periodontal disease leaves you with further tooth loss eventually.

Caring for your artificial and natural teeth and gums is essential even after undergoing implant placement surgery. You must continue maintaining excellent dental hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and scheduling regular appointments with your dentist for checkups. You cannot afford to weaken your jawbone from any infection that compromises the dental implants’ stability, especially if you want to have them in your mouth for your lifetime.

Are you prepared to visit the Berlin and Cromwell dentist to have dental implants? We are confident you may have made up your mind to see the dental facility and have the implants in your mouth soon.

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