Choosing the Right Braces for You

Choosing the Right Braces for You

Dec 05, 2019

Most people are looking to achieve a straight smile, but there are so many options now a days to getting there. How are you supposed to know whether you should choose traditional braces or Invisalign? Traditional braces constantly get the wrap of being distracting and painful, but they’ve been around for years. Invisalign is relatively new, and very popular.

Invisalign is an inconspicuous way to straighten your teeth on your terms, as they provide flexibility. The invisible aligners are removable, unlike traditional braces, but should be worn throughout the day. If you choose to be lenient with wearing these clear aligners, your teeth will not straighten as efficiently as traditional braces.

Invisalign was designed as a step by step process that your doctor will discuss with you, as well as create a treatment plan for you. You will go through a consultation, where your doctor will help you formulate a timeline, cost of the aligners and treatment. Once you receive your invisible aligners, your dentist will go over their use so you see the best results.

Traditional braces, while not so inconspicuous are a great, reliable method for straightening your teeth. With metal brackets, your teeth will move slowly into position, but you do not have the option to remove them (without damaging the brackets and your teeth). Traditional braces are more cost effective, as they do not require new trays every few weeks, like clear aligners do.

For Invisalign, checkups and aligner changes will occur approximately every two weeks. Your teeth will progressively move as the weeks go on, so these checkups ensure your Invisalign fit well.

For traditional braces, you will also visit your doctor, and at this time you will get new bands to hold your wire together, and your dentist will tighten your wire so they fit more snuggly.

If you are ready to have the smile you’ve been waiting for, contact your dentist and set up an appointment for a consultation. You will get all the information you need during this session to be on your way to a perfect smile. Ask your doctor about your braces options.

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