Finding Your Next Dentist

Finding Your Next Dentist

Dec 05, 2019

There are many reasons you may need to find a new dentist, and the decision-making process can be daunting. Whether your dentist retired, or you have moved to a new state or simply across town, taking that leap is intimidating and may be hard. Dr. Mike Maroon makes your tough decision easy and making the choice to choose Woodbury Dental Arts is simple. Dr. Maroon and his team can offer the holistic dental services you are looking for.

Find a Dentist You Are Comfortable With

One of the most important parts of finding a new dentist is making sure you are comfortable. Choosing a dentist requires forming a relationship with your dental professional, therefore being comfortable and confident seeking treatment is one of the most important steps you can make. Before scheduling your initial appointment, feel free to stop into Woodbury Dental Arts and visit Dr. Maroon and his staff.

Your Dentist Should Treat More Than Just Symptoms

A good dentist does more than just treat symptoms. Symptoms often indicate other issues, and a good holistic dental practice will take your whole health into account while forming a treatment plan. Every patient is unique and needs to be provided a specific and personalized treatment plan, and that is exactly what Dr. Maroon and his staff do. When you visit us at Woodbury Dental Arts, we will ensure to create a plan that allow us to see where the cause initiated and start treating it.

Dental Care Should Include More Than Just the Teeth

Just like dental symptoms, dental care should include treating more than just the teeth. Dental care is oral care, and oral care is tied to care of the whole body. Studies have been shown that tie dental issues, such as gum disease to other health problems, including diabetes and heart disease. While figuring out the underlying causes, your dentist should consider other health problems that could be contributing to or even resulting from your current oral health.

Visit Us Today

Dr. Maroon and the rest of our staff are happy to meet you and aid in your holistic dental needs. To schedule a visit with us, simply contact our caring team at our office in Berlin, CT or Cromwell, CT.

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