Know Dental Bonding Process and Cost

Know Dental Bonding Process and Cost

Apr 01, 2022

Do you feel ashamed of your stained, cracked, or chipped teeth? Dental bonding in Cromwell, CT can help. In the procedure, the composite resin material is applied to one or more teeth and molded to the desired shape to enhance the appearance of the affected teeth.

The composite resin shade matches the real teeth well. To keep the bonded teeth healthy, it is essential to take special care of them. The dentist in Cromwell, CT uses no anesthesia for the procedure.

The process takes just an hour and one hour to complete in some cases. However, it needs just a single trip to the dentist. Also, follow-up dental appointments are essential. The dental expert also uses a bonding procedure to fill treated cavities because it looks natural.

What Does the Bonding Procedure Involve?

Check out the step-by-step composite bonding teeth process:

Initial Consultation with the Dentist

During your initial consultation, the dental professional discuss your treatment goals. It will give them a hint about whether the bonding procedure is appropriate or not.

The dentist in Cromwell, CT also performs an oral exam and takes dental X-Rays to get a clear idea of the problem and your oral health. The dental expert may see your entire oral history and ensure you do not have any allergies that may affect the safety and effectiveness of the cosmetic dental process.

Selection of Composite Shade

Bonding is now available in numerous composite shades. The selection of the right shade is essential for successful tooth restoration. The dentist uses a shade guide to find which shade perfectly matches the tooth.

Tooth Cleaning

A clean tooth surface is essential to form a strong bond. Polishing eliminates dental plaque, tartar, and other debris from the tooth.

Preparation of Tooth

Tooth shaping required for any particular dental restoration will differ. For example, repairing minor chipping or closing spaces between teeth requires small or no trimming.

The preparation usually involves drilling or trimming dentin layers and tooth enamel. Preparation of the tooth surface allows the bonding to adhere well.

Acid Etching

Now, the dentist will etch the exposed areas of the affected tooth using an acidic tooth conditioner. It is a gel and includes 30 to 40% phosphoric acid. The dental expert will use phosphoric acid to the teeth’ surface to help the composite bonding material stay in its place. After 15 minutes, the dentist washes it off.

Application of Bonding Agent

The dentist applies a putty-like material known as a bonding agent onto the etched tooth surface with the tiny brush.

Curing the Bonding Agent

Then, a special blue light is used to harden the material. Finally, the
composite raisin is polished for a smooth finish. The light helps in activating the catalyst present in the dental bonding agent. It usually takes 10-20 seconds to harden.

How Much Does Bonding Cost?

Dental bonding in Cromwell, CT price differs depending on the extent of the procedure, location, and expertise of the dentist in Cromwell, CT. Usually, you can expect to spend between $300-$600 Per affected tooth.

Patients also need to replace bonding after every 5-10 years. Remember, bondings are at the risk of stains or chipping when you consume high teeth-staining foods and beverages and bite into solid foods.

Is InsuranceCovers the Cost of Bonding?

No. Dental bonding is a cosmetic process and many insurers do not cover the price of it. Thus, before scheduling your dental appointment, always check with your dental insurance provider and ask them whether they cover the cost of dental bonding or not.

Every insurance provider has a unique policy. Whether your insurer will include the procedure cost or not usually depends on many factors – the complexity of the issue, teeth size, and the total number of teeth.

Also, bonding may need complicated dental work. The insurance company may cover the fees of the bonding procedure if it is for the dental health of the patient. For example, if you have a chipped or broken tooth and you need treatment, the company may cover the cost of dental bonding.

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Bonding is a cost-effective method to improve the look and shape of affected teeth. For more details, reach the expert dentist at Advanced Dental – Cromwell now.

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