CEREC Same-Day Crowns and Bridges in Berlin and Cromwell, CT

Correct broken or fractured teeth in one convenient visit with CEREC®️. Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology, we can fix broken, or fractured teeth with convenient, CEREC®️ CAD/CAM restorations in a single visit. CEREC®️ is a time-saving solution for dental crowns and bridges with unparalleled efficiency and reliability that traditional methods just are not able to provide.

Choose Cerec For An Efficient Alternative To Traditional Restorations

Traditional dentistry typically requires you to wear unsightly, or uncomfortable temporary crowns while you wait a few weeks for a lab to create your final restoration. At Advanced Dental, with CEREC®️ CAD/CAM Technology, Our Dentist in Berlin, CT can provide you with a high quality final restoration in one visit! The benefits of CEREC®️ are:

  • Digital impressions which eliminates messy, gag inducing impression materials and trays
  • Same day dentistry for the ultimate convenience
  • High quality, custom dental crowns and onlays created in our office in about 1 hour

Unique Dental Technology Provides Quality Results

These benefits are possible because CEREC®️ incorporates the use of both an intraoral camera and Digital Smile Design. Here is how Dr. Mike Maroon achieves optimal smile results:

Digital Photos

After evaluating your smile needs with you, Dr. Mike Maroon takes clear, detailed images of the interior of your mouth with an intraoral camera. This camera is minimally-invasive and offers crisper images of the mouth than traditional dental x-rays or impressions.

Digital Evaluation

These images are used during Digital Smile Design to digitally create your new smile. Combined with his advanced training and years of experience in functional aesthetic dentistry, this technology allows Dr. Mike Maroon to evaluate your smile both aesthetically and functionally to complete your smile restoration. This means precise, accurate and optimal results for you.

Same Day CEREC®️

Dr. Mike Maroon then uses CEREC®️ same-day dentistry to custom create your dental crown or onlay right in our dental clinic in Berlin and Cromwell, CT. You will receive the benefit of a quick, simple and reliable dental restoration from evaluation to completion in one efficient appointment.

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