Dental Bonding in Berlin and Cromwell, CT

There are a lot of cosmetic and functional concerns that can affect our teeth, such as: gaps, uneven spacing, fractures, and decay. When your smile is under siege, we have a simple, convenient way to solve your dental problems. Dental bonding uses a natural-looking, tooth-colored resin that hardens and bonds to the teeth to restore and improve the smile. This restoration typically does not require anesthesia and can last for up to ten years with normal oral hygiene practices.

Dental Bonding Can Correct A Variety Of Cosmetic Imperfections

Unlike other procedures that need the assistance of an outside dental lab to fabricate the enhancement, dentist in Berlin, CT can usually complete dental bonding in just one appointment. It is an easy, go-to solution that has many applications. It can be used for the following:

  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Fill cavities as an alternative to amalgam
  • Protect exposed tooth roots in cases of gum recession
  • Change the shape, size or appearance of teeth
  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth

The Bonding Process Is Completed In One Visit

Unless dental bonding is needed for a filling, you will not need to anticipate anesthesia. The process is simple, requiring little preparation, and usually takes less than an hour per tooth. Dr. Maroon combines his experience with Digital Smile Design to provide our patients with the most accurate and predictable results possible. Here is how dental bonding works:

  • Maroon will roughen the surface of your tooth to allow for an adequate hold.
  • He will then apply a conditioning liquid to help the bond adhere to the tooth.
  • Resin selected to match the color of your natural teeth will be applied to the tooth.
  • Once the resin is molded into the desired shape, it is hardened with a light.
  • To complete the bond, Dr. Maroon will trim and polish it until it blends seamlessly into your smile.
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