Emergency Dentistry in Berlin and Cromwell, CT

Dental emergencies are frightening, especially if you haven’t been in a similar situation before. If you experience dental trauma and are not sure whether you need to seek dental care, ask yourself the following question: Am I experiencing any intense dental pain or bleeding? These conditions are never normal, so if the answer to this question is yes, you should seek emergency dental care from a professional like Dr. Maroon immediately.

Seek Treatment For The Best Possible Outcome

By seeking emergency dentistry treatment as quickly as possible, you can minimize damage to your smile. This allows Dr. Maroon to evaluate your situation so he can then suggest possible solutions to quickly treat and protect your smile from any further damage that may happen as a result of the trauma. Immediate treatment is critical to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your smile. The following conditions should always be treated as dental emergencies:

  • Sudden or intense pain
  • Bleeding that does not stop
  • Abscess or pus that may indicate infection
  • Loose or cracked teeth following dental trauma
  • A missing or knocked out tooth

Seek Care Immediately From An Experienced Dental Professional

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact our office immediately to be evaluated. Dr. Maroon is an experienced dental professional with over 31 years dedicated to dentistry and training from the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dental Studies in Seattle, Washington. He understands how unsettling an emergency can be, and will do everything possible to make your visit with us as comfortable as possible even under the most stressful situations.

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