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When we ask our patients to describe their dream smile, most of them mention straighter teeth. The traditional solution to this age-old problem has been a noticeable metal bracket and wire system, but modern orthodontics has a better solution for crooked teeth, a misaligned bite or uneven spacing: Six Month Smiles®️. With this innovative solution to straighten teeth, Dr. Mike Maroon is helping our teen and adult patients achieve their dream smiles in as little as six months.

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An Effective Solution That Meets Your Lifestyle Needs

Six Month Smiles combines the time-tested, and proven, reliability of braces with the convenience of virtually undetectable clear and tooth-colored hardware. This system is designed to work more efficiently than its predecessor by correcting only the teeth that are visible when smiling. This will result in faster treatment times and less noticeable brackets. Our patients often express their excitement over these benefits:

  • Enhanced bite function
  • Minimally-invasive treatment
  • Quick and efficient smile correction
  • Virtually undetectable brackets and wires
  • More affordable smile-straightening solution

Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces have been around for years and have successfully assisted in creating millions of beautiful smiles worldwide. Today’s Traditional Braces come in a variety of materials that are more comfortable and better looking while still getting the job done. Metal brackets are smaller and bonded in with a thin adhesive which allows them to be more comfortable and less noticeable. There are also ceramic brackets that look similar to tooth color if you want even more esthetics.

Sometimes, your unique situation may not allow us to use some of the more modern teeth aligning systems like Invisalign®️, ClearCorrect®️, or 6 Month Smiles®️, and Traditional Braces are the only choice to achieve a beautiful smile.

Here’s how they work:

  • Together we discuss your unique situation and smile goals
  • Traditional Braces brackets are applied using a thin adhesive (these can either be metal or ceramic)
  • An arch wire is placed in the brackets to apply a gentle pressure to get your teeth moving in the right direction (The arch wire is “body heat activated” and acts like memory foam that wants to return to its ideal shape which applies the gentle pressure described above)
  • At routine intervals, we change the arch wire to apply more, or less pressure, depending on how your teeth are moving

Once your smile is perfect, the traditional braces are complete, brackets are removed and retainers are made. Retainers are necessary so that your teeth can remain in their new position. They can either be clear aligners, or a bonded metal wire on the back side of your upper or lower teeth. We’ll discuss your options with you for your comfort and the best long term success.

That’s it! Traditional Braces are a great way to get your best smile…and our office are experts and providing them for you. With so many benefits, why not see if Traditional Braces are right for you? Contact us today for a no cost consultation.

Artner With An Experienced Dentist

In order to receive the most benefit from this treatment, choose an experienced dentist. Dr. Maroon has received advanced training in Functional Orthodontics, and Functional Esthetic Dentistry from the Center for Advanced Dental Education. Using his expertise and TEKscan technology to evaluate any bite problems, he can help you achieve ideal smile results. He will start with an evaluation before beginning your Six Month Smiles treatment. During treatment, you can anticipate regular visits to our office to adjust your wires to make sure you are consistently seeing results as the teeth are gently moved into position until your smile is beautifully straight.

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