Should You Or Should You Not Get Lumineer Veneers

Should You Or Should You Not Get Lumineer Veneers

Mar 01, 2020

Are you considering having veneers? Veneers are the cosmetic coatings that you have to improve the look, performance, and strength of your natural teeth. If you are considering veneers, you should know something if not everything about Lumineers.

There are many reasons that may have resulted to you considering having veneers. From stained teeth to broken tooth, the myriad of reasons that would result to you to visit Cromwell dental for dental veneers can be solved by Lumineers.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of veneers that stand out because they are easy to prepare, take the shortest time to be ready for application but take advance levels of dental work to apply compared to the ordinary veneers. In some quarters, they are referred to as no prep veneers and you may consider them over porcelain veneers because of their very thin laminate feature.

Here are some features that may make you like Lumineers over the other options that your dentist may offer.

They are more translucent compared to most other veneers

Most dentists use Lumineers to laminate teeth like other veneers. However, they are not effective in treating extensively discolored teeth due to their translucent nature. The advantage that Lumineers have is that they are thinner. However, this comes as a disadvantage because they are translucent to the extent that they are unable to cover extensively discolored teeth. While the dentist may recommend Lumineers for discolored teeth, it will definitely depend on the level of stain on the teeth. The dentist will consider whether the stain is visible beyond the thin Lumineer layer.

You will not have to grind your teeth

The Lumineer’s thinness may stand out as a disadvantage when it comes to concealing discoloration. However, it is an advantage when it comes to teeth grinding compared to other dental veneers. Being that Lumineers are thinner, you do not have to grind your teeth before having them applied over your teeth. With these veneers, you get to enjoy customized set of Lumineers that are designed for your specific dental needs.

It takes a shorter time to have them prepared and applied

Although you will have to go for at least two appointments, this is one of the shortest preparation and application time that you will experience. The first appointment will involve the dentist taking the impressions of your teeth to have customized Lumineers for you. The impression is sent to the laboratory to ensure that you get the right veneers for your tooth that fits perfectly. The procedure is the same irrespective whether you need to laminate teeth or veneers for missing teeth, an accurate impression is necessary.

After two to four weeks, the veneer will be ready. You will not need temporary veneers to have on as you wait like is the case with other veneers. Once the Lumineers are ready, you get a second appointment that takes more time than the earlier one because it involves the execution of the actual application procedure. The Lumineers that are custom made for you are then applied to complete the procedure.

Lumineers vs. veneers

Veneers last long compared to Lumineers. Moreover, they are stain resistant especially if you get porcelain veneers. Being that they are opaque they serve various purposes including covering teeth for people with extensively stained teeth.

On the other hand, Lumineers are less expensive compared to veneers. In addition, they are easy to apply such that you do not need to trim your teeth before applying them, as is the case with other veneers. While veneers are permanent, Lumineers are semi-permanent such that you can change them after sometime if they did not work for you.

Now you have sufficient information to make a decision on whether Lumineers are for you or Veneers would work best for you. You can proceed and make the right decision or inquire more on the procedure when you visit Cromwell dental for correction. Whether you are getting veneers for missing teeth or just covering the stain on your teeth, you can make the right decision for what will finally work for you. In addition, Lumineers are semi-permanent you can have it for now and consider changing after sometime.

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