Dec 05, 2019

Most people yearn to have straight teeth. Orthodontics is a popular way to get your teeth aligned to your liking. Most orthodontic treatments, however, can take years for the results you are looking for. It is not strange for patients to not want to wait years for results, which is why Six Month Smiles is being practiced by dentists.

Six Month Smiles is a treatment that is an alternative to the traditional braces process, and even Invisalign. Rather than the braces going around every tooth, the Six Month Smiles process focuses on your visible teeth. They are made of clear brackets and enamel-colored wires so that they blend in much better with the rest of your teeth than traditional metal braces. If you choose to undergo the Six Month Smiles treatment, you will visit your dentist to have the braces adjusted.

The biggest advantage of this treatment is the speed, as the name suggests, you will have your dream smile in six months. Other orthodontic treatments can take years to correct the alignment of teeth. Due to this expedited timeframe, the treatment is also more affordable. Another major perk besides the timeframe of these aligners is the discreet look. Standard metal braces tend to stand out, but these allow you to smile without having your braces be as noticeable.

Six Month Smiles are not recommended for young teenagers because the teeth are still emerging and coming into place. To quality, you should be over the age of 16. Additionally, your dentist generally only recommends the procedure for minor misalignment problems. Before you are set on this treatment, you should see your dentist for a consultation. During this meeting, your dentist will examine your month to make sure this orthodontic process is right for you.

It is always worth asking if these inconspicuous braces are a fit for you. If you think you could be a candidate for Six Month Smiles, schedule an appointment with your dentist. From here, you will go through the necessary steps and gather all of the information you need to see if Six Month Smiles is your best option.

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