What Does A Tooth Whitening Procedure Entail?

What Does A Tooth Whitening Procedure Entail?

Nov 01, 2021

The teeth, unknown to many people, possess pores, like the skin. These tiny holes called pores absorb the color of everything put into the mouth. The natural color of the teeth is white/pale yellow. However, the teeth can lose color over time to old age, foods and drinks stain, medications, diseases, etc. The buildup of the color of foods and drinks taken by an individual can cause the color of the teeth to change. Since the teeth also add aesthetic value to the face, discolored teeth ruin your appearance.

Teeth can also become discolored due to bad habits such as smoking. Chewing, inhaling, and smoking tobacco can cause yellow or brown stains on the teeth. These stains make your teeth irritating to look at and can also damage your smile. Another cause of tooth discoloration is dental plaques. Dental plaques are slimy films of bacteria that stick to the front surface of the teeth. Plaques, over a long period, harden and become tartar. Tartar is yellow. Therefore, it stains the teeth and makes them irritating to look at.

Some medications also contribute to the darkening and staining of the teeth. Also, diseases that affect the tooth enamel can cause the teeth to lose their natural color. Environmental factors such as a heavy concentration of fluoride in drinking water can cause discoloration of the teeth. Excess fluoride can cause fluorosis, which leaves spots on the teeth, thereby discovering them.

Not only does the color of the teeth render the teeth unattractive and irritating to look at, but it can also increase your risk of having dental diseases and infections. Discolored teeth will encourage the accumulation of dental plaques and tartar. This will lead to tooth decay, gingivitis, periodontitis, and other oral health issues. Sometimes, discolored teeth contain cavities, tiny holes that destroy the structure of the teeth. Since, to an extent, white teeth are a sign of good dental health and discolored teeth have adverse effects, one must find a teeth stain remover to save one’s smile and also be protected from the diseases and infections that come with discolored teeth. A practical method of getting rid of teeth stains is through teeth bleaching, popularly known as teeth whitening near you.

Teeth whitening is using teeth bleaching chemicals to lighten or whiten the existing color of the teeth. There are various ways, procedures, and methods of whitening the teeth. These procedures include an over-the-counter home DIY whitening kit, teeth whitening strips, natural teeth whitening, teeth whitening toothpaste, etc. However, for optimal results, it is best to seek professional teeth whitening in Berlin and Cromwell, CT, from dental professionals.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Getting a professional teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist in Berlin and Cromwell, CT, or anywhere is the safest teeth whitening method.

A teeth whitening procedure starts first by covering and protecting other parts of the mouth. This is done to avoid contact with the bleaching chemical. After putting all safety measures into place, a bleaching agent that contains about 15%-35% hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth. Advanced dental teeth whitening procedures are primarily painless. However, the dentist still administers anesthesia. Your dentist can reapply the bleaching gel as much as he deems fit. In the end, for faster results, Zoom teeth whitening employs unique lamps to quicken up the lightening process.

The result of a teeth whitening procedure is a sparkling white set of teeth. How long the effects of teeth whitening are going to last depends on your habits and diet.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

If you still do not see reasons as to why you should get a tooth whitening procedure, the benefits of a teeth whitening procedure might convince you:

  • Teeth whitening helps to give a brighter smile.
  • In most cases, clean white teeth depict good oral health. Therefore, teeth whitening can help to improve your oral health.
  • The effects of teeth whitening are long-lasting.
  • White teeth help to boost your self-esteem.

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